Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Update an Out-of-Date Harvest Wreath

I had an old wreath that I had gotten on clearance some years ago. I was going to throw this one away, but I hate throwing things away, so this one was on its way to the thrift store .  After shopping for new wreaths, which were quite pricey, I decided to try to update this one.  I bought a big W, some craft floral bundles (mine had cat tails and such), and some dollar store rustic pumpkins.  The ribbon I already had, and same with the contact paper.

I pulled off all of the blue and purple flowers. 

Then I faced the big W with contact paper.  I just traced around the back side of the W onto contact paper.  I cut it out a little small so that the contact paper would not go off of the edge.  Then I just added the contact paper to the big W.

I started by adding the floral bundles.  Next was the polka-dot ribbon. After that the big W attached with a lot of hot glue.  Lastly I added the pumpkins.  I have gotten so many compliments on it that it made the project worthwhile.

I decided to add a bow in the pumpkins just for some extra black. 

At Halloween I put a big spider on it. 

Happy Harvest!


Here's another wreath idea that I have:

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