Holly - The Trailer Park Martha

I was sitting on my couch, flipping through my newest Williams Sonoma catalog, watching Martha Stewart on the telly when my daughter yelled to me, from the basement, that she needed lunch before she headed off to band camp in 10 minutes.  As I walked into my messy kitchen, and looked into my grungy fridge (I swear didn’t I clean both of those last week) I decided to quickly make her a burrito.  That’s when it hit me – hard – I WILL NEVER BE MARTHA STEWART!  MY HOME WILL NEVER LOOK LIKE A WILLIAMS SONOMA CATALOG! 

I thought to myself, “but I love those things.  I can’t give them up just because that is something that I will never be!”  It occurred to me that maybe I AM the trailer park Martha Stewart!  The one that has the simpler, easier and cheaper ideas.  The one that buys the Williams Sonoma stuff on clearance.  The one that mixes dollar store items with the Martha Stewart item to try to make the same display as Martha.  The one that will take the garage sale stuff and try to emulate that WS catalog picture!  Even though I will never quite be Martha – I can be Holly, The Trailer Park Martha!


O.K., True confession time here.  MY COUNTERS ARE ALWAYS A MESS!!!  This is an attempt to get me to keep them clean.  I have taken before, and after pictures of my counters.  I am hoping to set a goal of keeping them clean, at least for a month.  Today is the one week anniversary of clean counters.  I am hoping to create a habit of putting things back were they belong so that I no longer have a huge mess on my counters.
Here goes!

Counters before cleaning:

 I know!  Very embarrassing!
Now here is a picture of my counters clean:

Yes, I have a lot more pictures of "after" than "before", but did you really want to go there?  I hope not.

Next project: