Holly's Household Tips

I just want to start this page off by stating that I am not the greatest housekeeper.  Sometimes my house can look absolutely dreadful.  Because of this, cleaning the house can be quite a chore.  I think because I am a horrid housekeeper, I have had to find ways to get a horrid mess clean.  Here are some of the things that I have learned throughout the years:

My husband used to do janitorial work growing up.  He has always used vinegar, and I have always hated it!  A friend of mine told me how she seemed to be using vinegar more and more because it cleans so well.  When I could not get my dishwasher to clean very well,  I poured in several cups of vinegar into the dishwasher.  I had never had such clean dishes! Since then I have found myself using vinegar on everything! (I have even gotten used to the smell.)

Here's a link to some fun information on vinegar:
Find out how to spruce up and old plastic file.  Just click on the picture.