Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Decorating Flip Flops With Ribbon and Beads

Here is another fun project that we did on our family reunion vacation.  I picked up a pair of flip flops for each of us girls at the dollar store.  I also picked up a small sewing kit, some ribbon and a package of multi-colored beads at Walmart.

We wrapped the ribbon around the flip flop straps, attaching the ribbon by sewing it at the bottom.

I did a running stitch along the back side of the ribbon just to help it stay in place.

On my flip flops I made a little bit of a weave a the top to give me extra room to sew on my beads.

Then I sewed the beads onto the ribbon, stitching the ribbon into place at the same time just to make it a little more stable.

I would recommend getting a glue gun to start the ribbon on the flip flop.  We didn’t have one, so we had to make do.  I also think that we could have used the glue gun for some of the beads.  It would have gone a lot faster.

Oh man do I need a pedicure, but here is what they looked like when I finished.

Each person made up their own style.

It was a lot of fun, and we ended up with some pretty cute flip flops. 

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