Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Cowboy Minute To Win It Games or Pioneer Minute To Win It Games

Here's a fun and easy way to have a western cowboy minute- to-win-it challenge.  My class had so much fun playing these games.  We used it for a pioneer day, but you can use it however you like.  

Pioneer Version:
To use it as a pioneer version scroll to the bottom for additional printouts.  I used mine for a pioneer trail and adapted the games for their travels "On The Trail."

To find a list of all the games to print out scroll to the bottom.

To print anything out just click on the picture and save it into your file, or copy and paste.


We divided into two teams.  
Here's a scoreboard for you to keep score.

Every cowboy town needs a sheriff.   The items for the sheriff all came from the dollar store.  I bought 2 hats, two gun holsters, two bandanas and it even came with a badge and a mustache.  Each team picked a person to be the sheriff and a deputy to help the sheriff get dressed.

The team who's sheriff got dressed the fastest won.

Since we didn't have a lot of room I just attached cattle heads to the top of wooden skewers.  I gave each team a package of glow necklaces.  They had to connect the necklaces and then throw them over the cattle heads.  The team that got the most in a minute won.

Here's the cattle heads:

Or you can get really fancy and build a cactus ring toss.  
This one was built by my son, but unfortunately he lives too far away for me to borrow.  He is very talented!  Check out his web page MAW Happens.

What's a Cowboy party without a good old fashion shoot out?

We used nerf guns and shot plastic cups.  The team that got the most cups down in a minute won.

For this challenge I got a set a small plastic farm animals from the dollar store.  Each team had to use spoons to herd their animals from one side of the room to the other.  The team with the most animals in the corral in a minute won.

What true cowboys doesn't like a competitive game of marbles in their leisure time?   Each team got a set of marbles to roll into the middle of the campfire ring.  The team with the most marbles in a minute won.

Campfire ring printout:

Each cowboy sits across from each other with the bottoms of their feet touching.  A pole is placed in the middle.  Each cowboy grabs both hands on the pole.  The pole should be centered over the tops of the feet to start.  On go both cowboys start pulling.  The one who can pull the other cowboy up wins.

Every cowboy needs clean clothes, so a laundry day is a must.

For this challenge I had small clothes pins (found in the craft aisle), a bow (from a bow and arrow set) and a printout of small paper clothes, cut out.  Each team had to run the clothes from across the room and hang them on the string.  They could only carry one item of clothing at a time.

Laundry Printout:
Print and cut out 2 sets, one for each team.

I found the cutest plastic toy wagons at the Dollar Tree.

Each team got a wagon.  One person from each team had to push their wagon across the room with their nose.

The team that got their wagon to the other side first won.

Every cowboy needs a barn.  Luckily we had some lincoln logs to help supply materials for a barn.  Each team had a minute to construct their barn.  The most complete barn won.

What a fun day we had!  The students loved it.
The winning team was awarded a trophy.

I used m&m minis and hot glued brown cardstock around the base.  Then I hot glued the wagon to the top.

Printout for the trophy toppers:

Pioneer Version:
Here are the printouts for the pioneer version:

Instead of dressing up as a sheriff, you could dress up as a pioneer.

On The Trail
With my class instead of having a Sheriff I had a Company Captain.  Then all the games reflected the journey of traveling on the pioneer trail.   I divided the teams into companies.  The students loved it and learned a little during the game.

Since the version I did was a pioneer trail my trophies said "On the Trail" and I used the version below:

Here's a list of all the games:

I hope that your game turns out fun!  Please leave me a message to let me know how it went.

I have several other Minute to Win it Games. 
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Friday, March 1, 2019

Hello Spring - Free Printable Banner From HollysHome

If your like me, I love decorating for Spring.  The nice thing about decorating for Spring is that you can keep up the decorations after easter.  That means less work for you.  

Spring is such a fun time of year.  Because I love it so much I have an entire page devoted to Spring ideas. 

 Take a moment and check out some of the fun ideas that I have on my Easter and Springtime page.

Not only do I love Spring, I think Summer is even better.  The beach is my happy place.
Here are some of my awesome summer ideas.

Now back to that free "Hello Spring" banner.

I have gotten so many compliments on this banner.  Everyone loves it, and I love it too.

How to Print:
Print the banner on white cardstock.  Punch holes in the top corners and thread a string through the holes.  

Super Easy!

Here's a link to the printout
Free Hello Spring Printout

Here's a higher definition printout:
To print it out you can right click your mouse and save it into your pictures, or you can copy and paste it into your printing program.  Let me know how yours turns out.  I hope that you love it as much as I love mine.

Tip:  Depending on your printer, sometimes the ink will rub off.  If you ever find this to be a problem spray a fine layer of clear spray paint over the print to set the ink.