Monday, October 24, 2016

Trick or Treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat - Free Printable

I needed something fun to give to the women that I visit teach.  I made this cute sign to attach to a zip-loc bag.  

Some of the women I gave some nail polish and pedicure items.  Some of the women don't like to paint their toenails so I gave them some fruit roll-ups.

If you want to use it then just click on the picture to make it large.  Then right click your mouse and save it into your pictures.  Print it from your printing program.  You can also copy it and use it in your printing program.  Size it to a full page.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

How to Paint a Weathered Wood Sign

Next month I am hosting a wedding in my backyard and I needed some help making a sign.  
A good friend of mine came by to show me how to do it.  

Here's how we did it.

First we found an old board.  
I just happened to have one laying around.  

We decided to make it a little bit darker.  We painted a light coat of watered down burnt umber craft paint, then let it dry.

Next we drew guide lines with chalk and wrote out our letters with chalk. 

 Then we painted the letters on.  The cracks in the wood made it a little hard, but we got it done.

After we were done painting we wiped off the chalk with a damp cloth.

Here's the finished product.  Didn't it turn out great?

We had so much fun making that one so we made a couple more. 

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Free Love Banner Print Out for Weddings or Valentine's Day

I made this banner for a wedding that we are having in my backyard next month.  I wanted to get it in my blog early, so I don't have any pictures of it.  I will post a picture of it next month.  Until then, you can use it.  I have included several different versions, so just print out what you need.

To print out the banner just copy and paste it into your printing program, or save it into your pictures and print it.  I printed mine on brown cardstock and then trimmed it with scalloped shaped scissors.  It turned out really nice and I can't wait to use it.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Creative ways to make mushrooms for your party

We decided to go with a mushroom theme for our Alice in Wonderland party, but these could be used with many types of party themes.

The large mushrooms are dollar store bowls with white contact paper spots and paper towels at the base.

Here's a colander from the dollar store with a dollar store vase underneath.

The small mushrooms were from the dollar store.  I painted them with metallic red paint.

Here they are in the yard.

I also found these cute mushrooms at the dollar store. 
 I painted the background with metallic red also.

Plus we made mushroom cupcakes.  The stand was also made with dollar store plates and dollar store planters.  See below.

I bought a small and a large planter, and a small and a large plate.  I glue gunned them together for the cupcake stand.

Here are some other great red mushroom ideas that I have found on the web.  Just click on the picture to go to the link.

Whimsical mushrooms.

fabric mushroom pattern by red brolly3

Cupcake Liner Mushrooms - Kid Craft:

Rock Mushrooms

Mushroom House

Mushrooms made from egg cartons.  I'm freaked out by used egg cartons, but this is sooooo cute! :):

Clay Pot Fairy Garden House

My kids couldn't believe their eyes when they saw this.:

tiny mushrooms, made from scrap fabric and can be used as brooch, magnet, hair tie etc:

Use plain wooden drawer pulls to make mushrooms for the fairy garden.:

Paper Plate Mushrooms - Kid Craft:

tiny acorn toadstools Summer Camp Week, Day 1: Nature Camp Crafts + Giveaway:

Wonderland Mushrooms:

Learn To Grow: Mushrooom Toy Craft: toilet paper tube rolls and cupcake liners:


Homemade Obsessions: Mushroom House Project and Gnomey Has been Found!:

Vintage Mushrooms!  Wouldn't this be great for kitchen accessories & how about a colorful quilt or throw? These designs are perfect to make items to sell at bazaars and craft shows. The Mushroom and the Name are separate designs so you can decide whether to use them. They come in Small, Medium, Large and Jumbo and the complete set contains all 4 sizes.: