Friday, December 7, 2018

Harry Potter Potion Labels Free Printable

Here is yet another version of Harry Potter potion labels.  Mine are a little different because I added color to some of them.  I just have to be different.

I found these awesome glitter bottles at the 99 cent only store.  It have saved me so much time and money.  That's when I thought that it would be fun to create my own labels.

If you want to use them also just click on the picture to make it large.  Right click and save them into your pictures.  You could also copy and paste it into your favorite printing program.   

Size the labels to fit the bottles you are using.  I had to decrease the size quite a bit to get them to fit the tiny bottles.   I printed mine on a cream colored paper to make them look aged.

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Tuesday, December 4, 2018

My Harry Potter Christmas Tree and Ornament Tutorial, Cheap and Easy Ideas From the Dollar Store.

This year we are celebrating Christmas with a Harry Potter theme.  I have had so much fun thinking of ways to decorate my tree.  I think that I have unleashed my inner witch and I can't seem to stop making things.  Here is what I have done so far.

I want to thank the amazing Harry Potter community for all of their wonderful ideas, tutorials and printouts.  You guys are absolutely AMAZING!  I will give credit to every blogger who has helped my with these fun ideas.

I will start with my tree topper.  I actually have a cage for Hedwig, but I could not seem to think of any other way to top my tree.  The branches I bought at the 99 cent only store.  They had gold spiders on them, which I cut off and used as ornaments.  The bow is from a large copper colored burlap ribbon bolt that I got on clearance last year at Sam's club.  I knew that it would come in handy!  I noticed that Sam's is carrying the same ribbon this year.

The butterbeer cup I got on clearance at Kmart a few years ago.  I painted the ice cubes with a yellow metallic paint.  I brushed on a little gold paint so it wasn't so yellow.  The labels I got off the internet.  I just made them small, cut them out and glued them on the mug.  The cauldrons are from Party City.  At first I put tea lights and yellow tissue paper in them.  After I hung them on the tree I decided to tuck a Christmas light into it so that it would shine all the time.

The first owl I picked up at Kmart on clearance, but the second owl came from the dollar store.  I actually think that it's cuter. The owl cage is from the 99 cent only store.  The Harry Potter car is a free print out that I got off of Shepherd's Pie Blog.
My favorite decorations so far are the Azkaban Prison signs.   I made one for all 17 members of my family and extended family.

To make them I just googled the sign and copied it.  Then I took pictures of my family and photoshopped the Azkaban prison sign in front of them.  I moved the Azkaban sign a little bit in each picture.  Just that small thing made them seem more authentic.  I cropped the picture and I placed it over the Sirius Black picture. I laminated the cards so that they look like trading cards.  I made an extra set cards for each person to have one to take home.

Do you see Scabbers hiding in the background? I got him at the  
99 cent store!  That's also where I got all the skeleton mice, plus a few other Halloween decorations that I thought would add a nice touch.

My other favorite ornaments are the miniature Harry Potter books.  I got the covers from  She has all 7 books.  I printed and cut out all the book covers.  Then to make the book insides I used cardstock that I cut to fit the book.

Each book took about 2 sheets of white cardstock.  I used a light blue stock on the edges to imitate the hardcover of the book  because it just seems wrong to not make it like there is a real book inside.  Fold just the book binding of the book cover so that you know where to glue the pages.  After you've glued the pages then fold over the book flaps.  I think this the touch that make the book seem real.

 I guess if you were really obsessive compulsive that you could photocopy pages of the book and shrink them down to fit.
My next project was to make some brooms.  Using what I had, which was rafia, bamboo, 19 gauge wire, and a glue gun, I created the broom.
I folded the rafia and glued it to the bottom of the bamboo.  I did a double layer of bamboo so that it looked nice and full. When I was finished I thought that I should have gone with a third layer, but, oh well.  Once the rafia was all on I soaked it in water, then twisted it.  This is when I cut it on an angle.  To finish it off I took the wire and wrapped it around the top of the rafia three times, leaving about 1/2 on both sides sticking out.  Then I curved the wires down to look like the Harry Potter Broom.

By now I'm getting tired, so I just want to finish up my ornaments.  What Harry Potter tree would be right without a snitch.  I used a piece of gold wire ribbon and painted it with glitter fabric puff paint.  When it dried I folded it over and cut out both wings at the same time so that they would be identical.  By this time I just "winged" it  and cut a few scallop edges and estimated how big to make them.  Luckily they turned out nice.  I glued them on to the ornament with a glue gun.

The cute suitcase/trunk was a printout that I got from Little Luxuries Loft.  She has several cute printouts that you can use.  My trunk is darker than hers because I printed it out on brown cardstock.  I love the effect.

The Marauder's Map I got from Harry Potter Paraphernalia .  He did an amazing job.  If you go there check out his large version of the Marauder's Map.  I didn't want a huge map hanging from my tree, and I didn't care if the inside was blank.  I printed mine out on cream colored paper.  I put four maps on a page so that they would be small.

Print on cream color paper, cut out and fold all four maps.  Take a wet cotton ball and rub some brown crayola marker on it and then rub it on the map.  You can practice on a sheet of paper.  I also used a touch of black crayola.  Let dry.  I used double sided sticky tape to tape the map closed at the bottom and middle so that no one could see that it was empty.  Then at the top I glue gunned the string at the top.  I finished it with a few drops of melted red crayon to cover the glue stick.  Easy peasy!

I found these really cool bottles of glitter at the 99 cent store.

I made potion labels for them.  If you would like to use the labels click here for a copy.

What Harry Potter Christmas Tree would be complete without Luna Lovegood glasses and the Quibbler?

I googled Luna Lovegood glasses and came up with printouts for both.  The link to the glasses is from LiveAbout.  The Quibbler is from
For the lenses I used tissue paper that I glued on with a glue stick.  I drew on the designs with a crayola marker.

Would you believe that the glass jars and the candy came from the Dollar Tree!  I google the house crests and printed them on paper.  I cut them out and glued them onto the glass.  Then I filled them with the appropriate colored candy.  I had a more popular candy in Gryffindor's and everyone kept eating it so that meant Gryffindor was losing.  We can't have that (even though I am a Hufflepuff) so I put in some cinnamon candy.  No one eats that.

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Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Thanksgiving Cornucopias made from ice cream cone shells.

I have been seeing some cute Thanksgiving cornucopias made from ice cream cone shells.  I think that they are so cute, but all the ones that I have seen have a plastic bag of candy stuck inside them.  I wanted mine to have the candy flowing out of them.  I also didn't like the flat top to the cone.  I like more a a jagged edged top, but they still had the small top, not the wide top on waffle cones.

The cones I bought I found at the 99 cent only store.  
What a bargain!

I dipped the cone for 20-30 seconds in 2 inches of water.  I also filled the center of the cone with water.  Then I placed the cone on a plate and put it in the microwave for 20 seconds.
I wrapped the pointed end around a small marker that I had cleaned off.  You can also use a pencil.  I let them try for about 30 minutes.  I got impatient, so I moved on the next step while they were still wet.
I filled the cone with m&ms.   I left about 3/4 of an inch at the top.
I put a thin layer of melting chocolate over the m&ms to 
hold them in.

Since I didn't want to wait and hold it until the chocolate was cooled I placed the cones in a cup.  This helped to hold the curl at the bottom, and allowed the chocolate to cool.
After the chocolate was cooled I laid the cone on a piece of parchment.  I put a small puddle of chocolate inside the cone with the chocolate spilling out of the cone.  Then I placed the autumn candy mix into the chocolate. 

 Here's a picture of my daughter and niece helping me.

After the first layer of candy was down I added another layer of candy over it.  I found the easiest way to layer was to dip the candy into the chocolate and place it on top.  I also looked for empty spots and stuck pieces of candy into it.
When I was all finished I added a placecard on it.
I have several different place cards that you can print out.