Thursday, December 8, 2016

Make Some Grinch Legs To Put In Your Christmas Tree This Year

While shopping at the dollar store I came across these cute elf legs.  Since this year I am putting on a Grinch party, I thought they would be perfect to make into Grinch legs for my Christmas tree.

I bought about a half yard of green fur at JoAnn's.  Then I went to work.  First I pulled off the bell on the toe.  I clipped a few hairs off the fabric and glued them onto the tip of the toes.

Then I laid the leg on the fabric and measure the size that I needed to cover the leg.  I wrapped it around the leg and marked were I needed to cut.  I made it a little bit longer than what I needed.

Then I glued the fabric to the leg.  I made sure to cover the top of the elf shoe.

Once it was all glued on I brushed the fur to cover the seem where the fabric met.

Then I repeated the process for the other leg.  When I was all finished I stuck them in the tree.

I love how they turned out.

Make Your Pumpkin into a Grinch Head

I had a beautiful pumpkin left over from Thanksgiving and Halloween.  I really hated to throw it away.  I had seen a Grinch head made into a pumpkin at a friend's house and so I decided that would be a great way to save my pumpkin.

I bought some lime green paint and just drizzled it right onto the pumpkin.  I used a foam brush to spread all the paint over the pumpkin.

It took about 3 coats of paint to get it to the point that I felt was good enough coverage to start painting the face.  

 I printed out a couple of Grinch faces that I found on Google images.  I liked the mouth better on the green picture, but the bottom picture was better for the eyes and eyebrows.
I hand drew the face onto the pumpkin.  I found the best spot on the pumpkin for the nose, which was a bump that stuck out a little.  I also like the depression in the pumpkin on the left.  I thought it would look like a dimple.

I used a paint brush to paint it all on.  I started with the yellow of the eyes.  I painted a couple of coats of yellow.  Then I painted the red, and lastly I painted the black.

I added the Santa hat by pinning it onto the pumpkin so 
that I could use it again.

I loved how it turned out!  It also prolonged the life 
of my beautiful pumpkin :)

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Free" Merry Christmas" Banner Printable

I designed this banner to go with my World of "Merry Christmas" printables.    The background is "Merry Christmas" in many different languages.

How to Print:

Click on the picture to make it large.  Right click your mouse and save it into your pictures.  You can also copy and paste it into your printing program.  

The banner will work best if you print it out on cardstock.  You can use any color.  I used white for mine.

After you print it out, cut it out, then punch holes in the top corners.  I used ribbon to string mine.  You can use jute, or wire, or whatever you desire.

Friday, December 2, 2016

Make a chalkboard out of an old cabinet door.

I was cleaning out my old shed and found this door off of one of my old cabinets.  I threw it into the fire, and literally pulled it back out when I realized that maybe I could make something out of it.  My idea - a chalkboard.  

Here's how I did it.

First I cleaned it and sanded it down.  I left a lot of the old varnish so that the paint would look distressed.  I took off the old door handle but left the rusty hinges for an authentic effect.

Next I painted it with several coats of black chalkboard paint.

After allowing the black chalkboard paint to dry overnight, I taped off the chalkboard so that I could paint the frame around the outside.  I also taped the hinges so that they would not get paint on them.  I started with coat of white paint.  I did this so that it would have a multiple color effect when I sanded it.  

Then I painted a cream color over the white layer

I sanded down the edges to make it look old and distressed.  

Then I added the hardware.  I took an new handle and painted it with black paint.  Then I dabbed rust and brown craft paint over it to make it look old and rusty to match the hinges.

We used a chalk marker to write on it for a wedding that we had in our backyard.  Doesn't it look awesome!

Then I was able to use it on my mantle for a Christmas decoration.  I can't wait to use it all year for whatever holiday comes next.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Free "Be Jolly" Christmas Banner Printout

I was getting ready for Christmas and needed a cute banner for my mantle.  Here is what I came up with.  I thought that I would put it on my HollysHome blog for others to use also.

How to Print The Banner:  
Right click on your mouse.  Save it into your pictures, or copy and paste it into your printing program.  For best results print it on cardstock or heavy paper.