Thursday, September 26, 2013

Update an Old Plastic File With Contact Paper

After spending the time to clean off my desk, I felt I really deserved a new paper file to add that finishing touch.  But you know me, I just hate throwing anything away!  I thought that I would give this ugly old plastic file one last chance.  After all, it still was in working order.

So into the craft room I went and came out with two rolls of black and white contact paper.  I couldn't decide which one would look the best, so I decided to try both.  I could always change it if I hate it  or get tired of it.


I used the darker one on the sides and top, and the lighter one on the drawer fronts.  I just held up the paper grid on the back of the paper and eyeballed how big of piece that I needed.  Then I peeled off the back and carefully stuck it on.   Find a dominate edge and start there, slowly rubbing the paper so that no bubbles are showing. 

Here's another view of the finished project.  Now, what to do next?

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