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Once in a while I get in a mood to sew.  I thought I might share with you
some of the projects that I have done. 

I Recovered My Couch!

One of my good friends gave us her old couch.  We didn't like our current couches, so of course we said yes.  It was a bit worn, and as we used it, their were some things about it that were just uncomfortable.  So I decided to recover it.

I always forget to take the "before" picture, so I had to find some family photos to show you.
Here is what it looked like BEFORE:
And here it is "AFTER":

So...... here is what I did:

I took off the upholstery on the cushions.  I wrapped several layers of batting around the cushions.  Then I took my new fabric and wrapped it around the cushion.  I pinned the sides to see where to sew and sewed it much like a pillow case.  Then I took the upholstery fabric and sewed it, then stuffed the cushion into the sewn fabric.  I HATE putting in zippers, so I just whip stitched it closed.  I made all the rest of the cushions the same way. 

I glue gunned everything on. I didn't even remove the old fabric!  I cut pieces of upholstery a little bit larger than the area of the couch I wanted to cover.  Then I just started glue gunning the fabric on.  I worked in sections, and when I got to an edge, I folded the fabric over for a finished look, then glued it on. I have to tell you, IT DOES NOT COME OFF!

The previous arms were horrible.  The fabric had worn thin, and the stuffing was gone.  I layered small pieces of batting on the top of the arms, making each new piece a bit smaller so that it would have a nice curve.  Then I took my upholstery fabric and glued it over the entire arm, a section at a time.  When I was done, I made nice large arm covers to protect the work I had just done. 
The couch is so much more comfortable to sit in now.  Plus, it looks a lot nicer.

Click on the picture below to see how to make a quilted art supply bag


A Tablecloth Made From Bandanas

To see how I made it, just click on the picture.
Halloween Table Runners
Learn how to make a pumpkin applique, or a skirt.  Just click on the picture below:

A Scrap Dress for My New Granddaughter

When my granddaughter was born at a time when money was tight.  I wanted to give her something nice.  My neighbor, Cindy (http://cindysinspioraid.blogspot.com/), let  me pick from a bunch of her scraps to make a cute dress.  Here it is:

I really just played around with the pattern and cut each piece out of a different fabric.  I had already purchased the tights, and wanted a dress to match.  Then I made a headband out of black elastic, and made a bow to match.  I purchased the cute buttons and sewed them on just for decoration.



Gnomeo and Juliet Hats, Dress and Vest

My son and his wife loved the movie gnomeo and Juliet.  They asked me to make my son a vest, my granddaughter a dress and then hats for everyone.  Here is what we came up with:

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