Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Free Date Night Gift Tag Printables




I needed a wedding gift so I put together some fun things for a couple to have a stay at home date night.  I made the tags for my gift generic so that they could be used for several different occasions.  Below are the tags.  Just right click on the image and save them as a picture.  You can resize it in your word processor program to the size that you need.


Here is how I used my tags. First I started with a nice blanket throw.


  I placed it in a shrink wrap bag that is available at the dollar store and used the throw as a base for my gift.

Then I added some items that would be fun for a date night.  For example I put in a movie, with treats, an Italian cookbook, some chocolates, etc.  I used clear packaging tape to hold the items into place.


I tied the package at the top and taped down any loose ends with packaging tape.  The shrink wrap will shrink, but not enough to look perfect.  By taping down loose edges you will get a more professional looking package.


Not all basket wrap is shrink wrap, so make sure you get one labeled "shrink wrap." 

Then I added a cute bow and the cut out Date Night gift tag.  Here is the finished product:

 Happy Dating!



Here are some other fun printables for Valentine's Day:

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