Fun ideas for decorating for your WhoVille Grinch-mas party with over 50 different Grinch themed ideas.

Who doesn't love the Grinch?  It's a Christmas classic!  This year I am doing a Grinch themed WhoVille Grinch-mas party and have been having trouble finding Grinch items in the stores.  So I went to work.  Some of the ideas are mine, but I have also found some other amazing ideas around the internet.  I have put together this collection for other Grinch fans out there.


If you want to learn how to make them for yourself, then click on the picture to take you to the link.

There are so many AWESOME Grinch ideas out there.  Here are some that I have found on the web that I love!

Serve up some Grinch Kranky treats.  Delish show you how to make these adorable treats.

How about making some darling Grinch stockings for your mantel?
April Davis shows you how.

Check out this wonderfully horrible ugly sweater idea 
from Big DYI.

Wouldn't these ornaments look great for your WhoVille ceiling?

These lights would also be adorable from Kitchen Fun.

No Cookies For Santa!  Darling!  Found on Etsy.

These ideas from Pinterest are just adorable!

Have the entire family make a Grinch's Growing Heart ornament.
Fun-A-Day show's you how.

Dress up like a WhoVille.  The Laughing Latte will show you how.

Get this printable from Deviant Art.

Pinterest also has this cute Grinch Wreath idea.

Pin the Heart on the Grinch game.

Scribd put together this awesome Grinch jeopardy game.

Sweeten Your Day Events has several ideas to 
help put on a Grinch party.

If you need help drawing the Grinch, or would like to teach how to draw the Grinch 
Art Projects For Kids can show you how.

The Keeper of the Cheerios can show you how to stack those presents with Who style!

The Sweatman Family has this fantastic Elf on the Shelf idea!

Of course the Grinch is not going to allow the elf to get the better of him!  Thanks to Library Learners, the Grinch got even!

TGLB has a great craft idea to make from popsicle sticks.

Play learn grow has this great idea for Grinch slime.

A must for any Who party.  Grinch Cookies from Katrina's Kitchen.

Thirsty?  Have some Grinch punch from the Idea Room.

How about serving your goodies off of this amazing tier tray 
found on Pinterest?

Have a Grinch movie night!  Get some great ideas from Everything's More Fun in a Tutu.

Catch My Party has this great idea for a Grinchy heart gift.

What a great way to great your WhoVille guests?
This idea came from Pinterest.

And you will definitely need a Grinch to steal your lights.
Idea from Pinterest.

A Grinch cake with a surprise heart inside from the Bearfoot Baker.

Stink, Stank, Stunk from Pinterest.

Stink, Stank, Stunk Spray from Pinterest

Who Hash, free printable from Food in Literature

Another great cookie idea from Princess and the Pea.

Get this idea with several other cute Grinch ideas 

A Turtle's Life for Me put on a Grinch party with some adorable ideas.

Give me some of that yummy Guacamole Grinch 

Don't forget the healthy snacks!!!

This adorable sign is on Etsy.

The host will need this incredible apron from Pinterest.

Don't forget the Grinch hair from Inventor Spot.

Is this the cutest ever? DIY Buddy shared this with us.

Or is this the cutest ever?  I can't decided.  This image was found on Pinterest.

What Who doesn't need to drink? 
 Here is another great Pinterest idea.

Holidappy has some cute Grinch color pages 
to help keep the kids busy.

What an awesome boyfriend!!
Themetapicture shared this image.

Who's looking at you?
Another great idea on Pinterest!

I'm sure this simple idea from Pinterest can be easily 
done with pipe cleaners.

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