Thursday, March 29, 2012

Easter Egg Garland From Last Year's Easter Clearance

Easter Egg Garland From Last Year's Easter Clearance

I love to shop for clearance items, and try to challenge myself to to use what I buy. I bought these decorations last year and thought that they were so cute.  I was thinking about using them as gift tags on Easter presents.  I have seen a lot of blogs this year on Easter Garland.  That gave me the idea to string it all together for a garland to hang from my mantel.

Here's all the stuff I got on clearance.  I took the ribbon and measured it against my mantel and cut it to fit.

Then I took off the existing string and used yellow ribbon to tie onto the main ribbon.  I started in the center and worked my way to the ends, making sure the ornaments were spaced even.

When I was done I had an adorable, and economical Easter garland for my home.

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Easter Egg Tree Recycled From Old Easter Decorations

Easter Egg Tree Recycled From Old Easter Decorations

I had bought some Easter Egg Tree Decoration Kits on clearance a few years ago.  I never really liked them, but would use them any way. 

While getting out my Easter decorations I decided that it was time to throw it away.  But then I thought that I always wanted a nice Easter Egg Tree.  So what could I do to "doctor" this one up to make it "nice?"

I think the tree part is what bothered me the most it was multi colored, and just seemed tacky:

So I got out some white enamel paint, and painted it, leaves and all with white paint. 

The decorations seemed a little plain.  So I antiqued the bunnies and the chicks, glittered the eggs, and took off the strings and ribbons (because they seemed to dangle too far off the tree.)

Then I went to the craft store and found some cute white flowers with rhinestones in the middle and hot glued those to the branches.  I also bought some white ribbon to tie the ornaments onto the tree. 

When I was finished, the little pot that the tree came with just seemed too small.  So I found a larger pot that I liked and put the tree in it.  I attached the green ribbon to the pot then filled the pot with glass pebbles.  I thought it turned out cute!

I saved money (by recycling) and I also have a Easter Egg Tree that I like!

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Bring Back the Beach Bowl

In my last blog I showed how to make a cute Beach Photo Frame:

When my family did that project we had so much fun collecting items, that we had a bunch of items left over.  That's when I decided to bring home the extra stuff and create a "Bring Back the Beach Bowl."  It is much like a zen garden, but with a beach theme. 

We found a glass bowl and filled it with sand.  Then we added a bunch of our beachy items like drift wood, sea glass, sea shells, etc.  We added a candle for fun.  Then we placed it on our coffee table to help us remember our vacation.  What is fun about is that we can still play in the sand and rearrange our beach bowl any time that we are missing the beach.

Beach Sand Photo Frames

Every summer our family takes a trip to the beach.  This is one of our favorite activities.  Because of our love for the beach we decided to do a family craft so that we could bring some of the beach home with us. 

We used foam core poster board and cut it out to the size of frame that each person wanted.  We used an utility knife to cut the foam core with.

During our vacation we collected shells, rocks, beach glass, sand dollars, etc. from our walks and our boogie boarding trips

We also brought back a bucket of beach sand.

We covered the foam board frame with white glue and layered the sand onto the frame.  Then with the glue and also a glue gun we attached the shells, rocks, wood, etc.  Each person had their own unique design.

After the frame was dry we put a 1/4" ribbon around the side to hide the foam edge.

Then we placed one of our favorite beach pictures inside.

And that is how we brought the beach home with us!

Use the leftover items from your beach frame to make a "Bring Back the Beach Bowl"
Take a look at mine at