Tuesday, December 22, 2015

easy gift idea from a muffin mix and a dish towel

I was shopping at Sam's club and I saw that they were clearancing out the Krusteaz Mimosa mix.  It sounded good so I bought it and took it home to try.  I made a big batch of muffins to take to my seminary class.  Just to be clear, I used water instead of champagne and I referred to them as orange muffins.  The next time I went back to Sam's Club they were even cheaper  That's when the thought occurred to me that I could give them out at Christmas with my home grown oranges.  

I was going to sew little bags to put them in.  But let's be honest, who wants to sew and who would even use a little bag?  That's when it occurred to me to wrap them in a dish towel.  Since mine are Christmas gifts I got red dish towels.  

Place the mix to one side of the center of the towel.

Fold the two sides over.

Fold it in half from the middle so that the two ends of the towel meet at the top.

Scrunch up the towel tightly just above the top of the mix.  Tie on a ribbon.

Make sure to include directions for the mix.  I called mine "Orange you glad it's Christmas muffins".  If you are doing a different occasion give it a name to fit the occasion.  For example "Newly Wed Nibble Muffins"  or "Chocolate Bunny Bake-mix Muffins" etc.

I attached my recipe with a safety pin hidden underneath the ribbon.  These were a big hit, and something that the recipient could actually reuse.

Since I bought my towels at the dollar store and the mixes were sooooo cheap, these ended up costing under $2 a piece! 
Wow!  That is a frugal gift idea!

You could also use cookie mix, cake mix, hot cocoa mix etc.

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