Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Make a Flip Flop Gift Bag

I always hate to throw away gift bags from the store, so I try to recycle them when I can.  This bag I got from the Williams Sonoma Store and it was the perfect size.  

I needed to cover the logo, so I made each flip flop about half the width of the logo.
Here is my pattern.  If you copy it and paste it into your WORD program, then you can re-size it to the size that you need.
Then I folded a piece of scrapbook paper in half, drew my pattern on the back side, and cut out both flip flops at the same time:

After the flip flops were cut out, I poked a hole for the toe straps with a skewer stick.  I also used the skewer to poke the ribbon threw the holes:
Then I taped the ribbons to the back side of the flip flop and repeated the same procedure 
with the other flip flop:
Then I glued both flip flops onto the bag, making sure that I covered the logo:

Lastly I hot glued flowers in the toes and a rhinestone in the middle.  I think that it turned out cute and I saved a bag from the trash.

The back side I decorated a little different.  I just printed out a sign from microsoft Word and then glued some of the extra scrapbook paper around it to match the front. I also added a flower with a rhinestone.
Here are some other bags that I have done:
 I also found this fun project where a lady on smallforbig painted plain bags. I thought that they were so cute and colorful that I will have to try it. 
DIY paperbag paintings |
 Just click on the link to see how she made them.

Here are some more fun flip flop centered projects:

Decorate flip flops with ribbon and beads:

Make a flip flop wreath:

Here is another printable idea for your gift packages. Just click on the picture to get the free printable:

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