Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A "Ready To Pop" Baby Shower Printable

A "Ready To Pop" Baby Shower Printable

For my daughter-in-law's baby shower I used the theme "Ready to Pop"
I centered everything around popcorn.
I used popcorn containers for the prizes.  I mixed caramel corn with pink M &Ms, and any other pink candy that I could find. Put the mixture in a plastic bag.  Tied it with a pink ribbon and then put it into a plastic popcorn container and added the "Ready to Pop" tag below.  If the person is having a boy, then change it to blues

Then for the table I made these place cards, treat bags, and napkin rings:

For the treat bags I added PoP Rocks along with some other goodies.

Napkin Rings:

Place Cards:

Treat Bags:

To find out how to fold the treat bag go here

Here's a tip for a more professional finish.  I print mine out on high quality ink setting, plus I print it out on a shiny photo paper.  It didn't even look homemade! 

Another tip is if you save it as a picture, you can go in through your photo editor and use the auto fix.  It makes it a little more brighter and crisp.   If you save it in between each time you use the auto fix, it will allow you to auto fix it several times for a darker image.

My flowers were in a popcorn bowl with the "Ready to Pop" sign in it.
I printed out these signs in various sizes and used them wherever I could think of.
If you want a copy just click on the picture, then right click and "copy" or "save as".

Here's a larger version of the sign:

Everyone loved it and it was a lot of fun.

I found some really cute baby shower games at frugal fanatic's blog.
Just click on the picture below to check them out:
I just wanted to give a shout out to my friend Holly (no relation) who made
these cute pacifier balloons:



Here are some other cute printouts from HollysHome:


  1. Thanks for sharing our printables! Addi (Frugal Fanatic)

    1. You are so welcome! I'm glad that you can use them.