Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter Basket Scavenger Hunt

Easter Basket Scavenger Hunt

One Easter when money was tight and my kids were little I decided to take the clearance stuff that I had, and make a scavenger hunt for the kids so that it seemed like they had more items.  Since then, it has become a tradition that my kids will not live without. 

I print out a page of tags for each child. 

Each page is a different color, and each child is assigned a different color.  Then I count up all of my items and start writing clues for each item. 

To make it easy to cut, I would just fold over the whole page on top, and then cut around the tag.  I would write the clues on the inside of the tag.

For the little kids, I drew pictures of their clue, for example,  a T.V. or a bed, etc. 
I number the clues to make it easier to follow.
After a few years of doing this, I decided to have the kids do it for each other.  That way I didn't have to spend so much time on it, and it made the kids more involved.  Then I would hide the gifts when they slept.

Easter Egg Hunt
After the kids were done finding their items we would have an easter egg hunt.  I always assigned each kid a different color egg.  That way I could put things like money, or girl things, or boy things, so that the egg was more personal.  It also kept the kids from having bad feelings on Easter.

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