Thursday, March 29, 2012

Easter Egg Tree Recycled From Old Easter Decorations

Easter Egg Tree Recycled From Old Easter Decorations

I had bought some Easter Egg Tree Decoration Kits on clearance a few years ago.  I never really liked them, but would use them any way. 

While getting out my Easter decorations I decided that it was time to throw it away.  But then I thought that I always wanted a nice Easter Egg Tree.  So what could I do to "doctor" this one up to make it "nice?"

I think the tree part is what bothered me the most it was multi colored, and just seemed tacky:

So I got out some white enamel paint, and painted it, leaves and all with white paint. 

The decorations seemed a little plain.  So I antiqued the bunnies and the chicks, glittered the eggs, and took off the strings and ribbons (because they seemed to dangle too far off the tree.)

Then I went to the craft store and found some cute white flowers with rhinestones in the middle and hot glued those to the branches.  I also bought some white ribbon to tie the ornaments onto the tree. 

When I was finished, the little pot that the tree came with just seemed too small.  So I found a larger pot that I liked and put the tree in it.  I attached the green ribbon to the pot then filled the pot with glass pebbles.  I thought it turned out cute!

I saved money (by recycling) and I also have a Easter Egg Tree that I like!

I also took last year's clearance items and made them into a cute Easter Garland.  See how it turned out:

Have an Easter Basket Scavenger Hunt.  Here's how:

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