Friday, September 23, 2016

Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter Party Decorations

For this post I want to fill you in on some of the fun decorations we did for our party. Most of them were dollar store and thrift store finds.  

This was a thrift store dish and teacup filled with dollar store items. The Alice I bought in a set and JC Penny.  The pocket watch I bought on Amazon.

We tied thrift store tea cups (except for Chip) from the light fixutre with colorful ribbon.  This was so cute that we didn't want to take it down at the end of the party.

Thrift store watering can with dollar store flowers 
and an old paintbrush.

Dozens of card stock clocks printed from Google images.

Strings of cards and clocks with an "Eat Me" sign.

For food I served chicken and waffles.  They were a hit!

The Grass is from the dollar store.  The Alice in Wonderland figures from JC Penny.  The Card Soldiers are from my blog.  Just click here to see how to make them.

The large pocket watch is made with a pie tin painted gold.  The face is printed to the size of the pie plate.  Gold twisted braid is placed around the edge of the face.  A gold chain is attached to the top of the pocket watch.

We also did a banner with the bride's name on it.  Over the banner with a sign labeled "off with her gifts. 

We made a Mad Hatter Hat from a flower pot.  I forgot to take a good close up.  I got the idea from Pinterest, but I don't know where it originated.  Here's a picture of the one from Pinterest.
Maryann Pagano's Planter-Pot turned Mad Hatter Flamingo Pot :):

I made mine very similar, but I used green metallic paint.
We used the pot for people to money and cards in.

I printed out the sign above and attached it to the hat.

Mad Hatter Money

I printed the money out on green paper and attached it to the hat.
I left one of the moneys blank so that you could fill it in with your party idea.

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