Monday, November 18, 2013

Merry Christmas Around the World FREE Printout, Gift Bag, Gift Tags, Napkin Rings, Leftover Tags and Place Cards

Print Out for Gift Bag:

Here is a printout for "Merry Christmas" in many different languages.  Click on the picture to make it large.  Then right click and "save as" into your pictures, or copy and paste it .  You could use is in many different ways.  One way is to fold it into a gift bag to give out. 
Click here to see how to fold the gift bag

Gift Tags:

Napkin Rings:

Place Cards:

Leftover Tags:

If you would like to find out which countries that the sayings are from check out Santa's Net here.

Here is another printout that I have that has "Happy New Year" in many different languages.  Check it out:

Here are some other sets of Christmas printouts that I have.  Just click on the picture to see the post.

I have another Christmas printout that is cute here:

Check out more HollysHome Christmas ideas here:


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