Sunday, November 3, 2013

A Fingerprint Thanksgiving Turkey Card Printable To Color

Here's a cute Thanksgiving card that you can make with your kids.  It would be great for a grandparent or to give mom for all of the work that she does.

How to print:
Here's how easy it is.  Just click on the printouts below.  Right click on your mouse and save them to your pictures, or copy and paste them into your word program.  Print the front of the card on one side of the paper, then print the inside of the card on the back side of the paper.  Fold the card and add fingerprints.  To get bright colored fingerprints you can use crayola markers on the child's fingertips.  They wash off very easily.

Front of card black and white version:

Front of card colored print version:

Inside of card:

Just add fingerprints:

 An easy way to add fingerprints is by using washable markers.  Just color the fingerprint, press finger on card, then wipe off with a wet wipe in-between color changes.

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