Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Everything you need to know about the Tim Tam Slam and How to do the Tim Tam Slam with free Printouts

My son went on his mission to Australia and he came back with a few fun traditions that he learned over there.  One of them was the Tim Tam slam.  

If you haven't heard of a Tim Tam Slam, well you're missing out because they are fun and delicious!

Bite off opposite ends of your Tim Tam.

Then put one end into the hot chocolate, and suck the hot chocolate through the other end.

Our dollar store had the Arnott's Tim Tams and I could not resist buying a whole cart full.  Usually in America they are quite expensive, if you can even find them.  I thought that they would be a fun Christmas present to give out.
That's when it occurred to me!  

This is how I did it.  I bought a big package of hot chocolate (60 for under $4 at industrial Costco).  Then I put 6 packages of hot chocolate in a clear cellophane package that I bought at Walmart. 

 Then I made this cute little printout for my American friends because they are not familiar with the Tim Tam Slam.  The Tim Tam Slam printout is below.  Be sure to click on it to make it large.  Then right click to save it into your pictures, or copy and paste it into your printing program.

I used double sided tape to stick it onto the hot chocolate.

I wrapped them up and added bows.  I have a fun present for under $2.  Not bad!  (I just hope none of our friends read this post:)

I also took some Tim Tam's and hot chocolate to share with my class, and they went crazy over the Tim Tam Slam.

We even sent pictures to our Facebook Pals in Australia.  If you want to read about them just click here.

I thought it would be fun to blog about it.  I went to Pinterest to see if anyone had ever done it before.  
I could not believe how much stuff there was.  Well I guess mine will just be one more version.  

Here's some of the fun things about the Tim Tam Slam that I found around the internet:

I think that this is my favorite.  It's a Tim Tam Slam overdose YouTube video by the Oxo Cubans.  

Here is a much more complex explanation from CerealSaturdays.

And an even more in depth explanation of how to eat a 
Tim Tam on Pinterest.

The Flavor Bender teaches you how to have a Butterscotch version.

A Tim Tam Cake from Taste.

Tim Tam Ice Cream from Food Wanderings

I love this idea from Pinterest!  I think that I'll do a Tim Tam slam station at my son's wedding!

Tim Tam macaroons from SBS

Friends who share the Tim Tam Slam experience in Instagram.

A nose shot of a Tim Tam Slam on Instagram.

This person can't decide between Tim Tam Slam or Oreo Dunk on YouTube.

Mellie and Lou also thought that the Tim Tam Slam would make a nice Christmas gift.

It's so popular in Australia that the challenge made it into the local papers on instagram.
And on someone's arm!  Really?  From Buzzfeed.

The Cast from Castle is also in on the Tim Tam Slam!

And if you can't find Tim Tams, then Half Baked Harvest can show you how to make them.

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