Monday, October 31, 2016

How to build a rustic wood ladder

I have noticed that ladders have seem to come back in style.  I was out in my wood pile and noticed a couple of pieces of wood that would make a good ladder.

So I laid them down and then went to my firewood pile for some some old branches to use as rungs on the ladder. 

I looked for pieces that were about the same size.

Then I went to work.  I laid the two long sticks out on a table.  Then I cut all the branches so that they were about the same length.  Once they were all the same length, I measured and marked equal increments down the ladder for the rungs to be nailed and glued.  I placed a line of glue down first.

Then I nailed the rung to the wood. 

 I continued with all the rungs until I was finished.

Now I have a fun ladder for my front door.

We used it to hang a sign on at the wedding.  
Look how cute it looks!

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