Saturday, May 2, 2015

Send a Yellow Care Package Full of Sunshine - with a free printable

My daughter is on a mission in Guatemala and I wanted her last package to be extra special so I decided to put together a yellow package full of sunshine.  I did it with a few other friends who all have daughters on missions as well.  We all kept our eyes out for yellow items to put into our sunshine packages.  
Here is some of the stuff that we found:

Some of the items that I needed to send were not yellow, so I wrapped them in yellow tissue paper.  The next thing that I did was to paint the inside of the box yellow.  I just used some acrylic paint.  It took a few coats to get it the deep yellow that I wanted.
Then I drew a happy face at the bottom and wrote along the top.
Then I added all of the yellow stuff,
and topped it off with a note.
Below is a note that you can print out onto yellow paper.

My daughter loved her package and the Guatemalan people loved it too.  I hope your's turns out great also!

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