Monday, January 5, 2015

The Early Bird Gets The Worm - a gummy worm treat for the people who are on time.

I decided to have a special treat for all of my students who arrive on time.  I put a handful of gummy worms into a snack size plastic bag.  Then I printed out the topper below, cut it out and stapled into onto the the top of the bag.  The students loved the special treat.

You can either right click and save it into your pictures, or you can copy and paste it into your printing program.  Size it to fit the entire sheet of the paper.  Print it out on card-stock.


Here is how to cut it out and attach it:

Fold the paper along the top then cut out the sides and the bottom.

Place the baggie in-between the front and the back of the topper.   Then staple along the bottom edge.  You can tape the bag on the topper to make it easier.

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