Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Worm Wednesday, A Reading Competition on Wednesdays for Book Worms

I thought that I would do a fun reading challenge on Wednesdays in my class.  

Every Wednesday I would have the kids read for 5-10 minutes.  They need to make a note of where they started and where they finished.  

While they are reading I will place a few candy worms on each student's desk.  

Then at the end of the time I will reward the student who read the furthest with a bag of gummy worms.

Here is the printout for you.  Just click on it to make it larger, then save it into your pictures, or copy and paste into you print program.

I sized the picture to a full size sheet.  Printed it out on card-stock and then cut out the header.  When cutting out the header, I folded it over and cut out the sides and bottom.  That way I could staple it to the top of a sandwich baggie filled with gummy worms.

I also have a version to use with scripture study:

And here are the printouts:

I also have another worm reward for the students who show up on time.  Just click on the link below:

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