Sunday, October 25, 2015

Holiday Bingo Boards

I love to celebrate the Holidays by playing BINGO in my class. Here are BINGO boards designed for each holiday.  I have the students fill in the empty spaces with words of subjects that we are studying.   Each student fills in his or her own card so that no two students have the same card. Just make a list of words that the students can use to fill in the spaces.  You can custom make it for whatever you are studying.  If you are using it for a party you could display items for them to fill in the space with.

For markers I like to use things like candy , or cereal.  Since I am teaching an early morning class, I got a bunch of Monster Cereal on sale at Target.  We will use that for the markers when we play Halloween BINGO.  It is also fun to have the students fill in one free space.

Print it on colored paper or card-stock to make it even more fun!

To get a copy for yourself just click on the picture to make it larger, then right click and save it into your pictures, or copy and paste it into you printing program.

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