Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A Four Dollar Valentine's Wreath

As I was taking down my Winter decorations, I realized that I did not have a Valentine's wreath for my door.  So to the dollar store I went.  I bought a bunch of stuff that I thought that I could use.
For the base I hot glued the two wired hearts together.  This way it was a little more sturdy, and a little fluffier. ($2)
Then I hot glued three of the pink cut out hearts ($1).
And finished by hot gluing the plastic chocolate stickers all the way around the wreath ($1).  This was tricky because they would melt.  Maybe try a low temp glue gun. 
The hardest part was removing all of the glue gun strings.  It was easy, cheap and fun.  It only needs to last for a few weeks, so it doesn't have to be very sturdy.  Now my door is ready for Valentine's Day!
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