Sunday, December 15, 2013

Chevron Stripe Happy New Year 2019 Napkin Rings, Gift Bag, Place Cards, Decorations and Gift Tags

*These decorations have all been updated to 2019*

Here are some free printouts to make your New Year's Party Extra Special.  Just click on the printout to make it bigger, right click on it and save it into your pictures, or cut a paste it.  They work best if you print on card-stock.

Here's a closer look at the table:

Napkin Rings:

Place Cards:

 Gift Tags:

To make the gift I used a toilet paper roll and stuffed it with candy:
Then I rolled it up in some silver wrapping paper and tied it at both ends and add the gift tag:
 Small Star Decorations:

 Back of small stars:

Large Star Decoration:

Back of large star:

Creating the Garland:

I printed the star with the solid chevron strip on one side, and the star pattern on the opposite side. 
Then I cut out the small and large stars.
After cutting out the stars punch a hole in the top of each star, and at the bottom of each star.
Next run silver ribbon through the top hole and then the bottom hole.  Make sure the ribbon is exposed on the back of the star and not the front so the 2015 is not covered with ribbon. 
Secure ribbon with tape or a dab of hot glue. Use extra stars as confetti around the table.

3 Dimensional Star:

Back side of star:

 Gift Bag:

Gift Bag Print Out

** The folding of the gift bag will be a little off centered.  Just fold on either side of the 2019.**

 To see how to fold the bag go here:

Check out my printout of "Happy New Year" in many different languages from around the world:

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