Saturday, October 1, 2011

Make a Trick-or-Treater from a 2 Liter Pop Bottle

I made these several years ago, when my children were still small.  They have always been one of my favorite Halloween decorations because every year I have my kids draw a new mask on a paper sack for the Trick-or-Treaters.  It has become a family tradition that I hope to carry on with my grand kids.  These are very simple to make, and I am sure that there are many ways that you can doctor them up to make them absolutely fabulous!

Clean out a 2 liter pop bottle.  Fill it with beans, or small rocks.  Put the lid back on.  Use the patterns below to create your Trick-or-Treater.  I love this project because it is so easy.

Here are the patterns for the dress, arms and hands.  Just click on the pattern for a larger version.  Then you can either copy it, or save it.  When you paste it, make sure you size it to fit to the edges of the paper.  The dress pattern is not to size.

Follow the directions on the pattern to make the arms, hands and bag.  Glue the top of the hands on either side of the neck of the bottle.  See pictures below for example.

Once you have the dress cut out, , sew the two 12" sides together on the wrong side of the fabric. Then hem the bottom edge. Gather the top edge together and glue around the neck of the bottle.

Glue the cuff of the sleeve over the wrist of the hands.  Glue the hands to the burlap bag.

Fold over the burlap.  Hand stitch the two edges.  Pull off some of the thread of the burlap for a rustic look.  Glue the hands to the top of the bag.

Glue each arm on the side of the neck as shown above.
Cut off the bottom of a small brown paper bag.  Have the child draw a face on the bag.  Place the bag on top of the Trick-or-Treater.

This pattern is for a simple trick-or-treater.  You can add whatever embellishments you would like to make your trick-or-treater custom to your taste.
Happy Halloween!

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