Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Flip Flop Wreath

A Flip Flop Wreath

This is my version of a flip flop wreath that I saw on pinterest.

While shopping at the dollar store I saw these brightly colored flip flops.  I remembered a wreath that I had pinned on pinterest that was made out of flip flops, sooooo that meant that I HAD TO MAKE ONE (of course!)  While I was there, I looked around to find things that I could add to my wreath. 

Here's what I bought:
6 pairs of flip flops
1 multi-colored lei
A wooden Beach House sign
2 bags of small beach toys

O.K., I bought more than that, but that is all I ended up using.  The rhinestones I already had.  So here's what I did.  First I cut out the base of the wreath from card board.  I traced around a large round bucket:

Then I cut it out.  Notice that it does not have to be perfect.

Using a glue gun I glued six of the flip flops evenly around the frame:

Then I placed the other six flip flops going the opposite direction:

After that I added the Beach House sign, the toys and the flowers from off of the lei:

Lastly I put a rhinestone in the middle of each flower.  I used the string off of the Beach House sign and glued it on to the back.  Then I hung it on my door.  I think it turned out cute!

My wreath has been so popular that I made another wreath for a friend.  This time I used striped flip flops and laid them out side by side.  It turned out cute:

Here is a fun way to decorate a gift bag with the flip flop theme:

Decorate flip flops with ribbon and beads:

 Make a snowflake wreath