Saturday, September 28, 2013

Tutorial and Free Pattern on How to Make a Pumpkin and Turkey Appliqued T-Shirt






I had this adorable material laying around, and everytime I walked past it I thought that I had better do something with it.  The pattern was the color of fall, so I thought that I would make my granddaughter a pumpkin shirt with a matching skirt.  But then I thought, why don't I also make a matching turkey shirt so that she could wear the skirt a little longer.  

Here is what a did:

Here is the pattern for the pumpkin applique:

If you right click your mouse you can save it as a picture and size it to the size you need using your word processor program.  I printed it out on card stock so that they would be easier to trace around.


Cut out your pattern.  Then rough cut your fabric to a little bigger than the size of the pattern.  Use a different material for each pattern piece.  Then iron on some Wonder Under to the wrong side of the material.

Then trace the pattern on the back side of the Wonder Under.  Cut out the piece, then peel of the back side of the Wonder Under like a sticker. 


When you have finished cutting out all of your pieces, lay them out in proper order on your shirt and then iron them on according to the directions.


On the inside of the shirt, behind the applique, I ironed on some fusible Easy Knit interfacing.  I did this so that the T-Shirt would be a little stronger for when I sewed my applique.


I played around with several stiches on a practice pumpkin that I did.  Then I decided which pattern that I liked the best.

Then I stitched around the material with my sewing machine. 


I wanted some pumpkin lines on the pumpkin, so I drew them on with chalk to use as a guide.  Then I picked the stitch that I wanted and sewed along those lines. 

Here it is finished.  I used a little curly Q stitch on the leaf, just for fun.  I am very pleased with how it turned out.


Now here are the instructions and pattern for the turkey t-shirt.  It is pretty much the same as the pumpkin applique.


 Print out the pattern on card stock.  Trace each piece onto the back of the Wonder Under, using a different color material for each piece.  See  the instructions above.

Iron them onto the shirt, just like in the pumpkin applique instructions above.

After I sewed around my turkey, I marked where I wanted to add the eyes and the beak.  I sewed beads on for eyes, and just embroidered the beak and the feet.

Here's how it turned out.  It was I lot of fun and my granddaughter love it!

If you would like to learn how to make the skirt, then just click on the picture below:


  1. Holly,
    I love the fabric fall colors! Awesome job! I will have to make Audrey one!